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ULTRAX Aerospace is the first to leverage its diagnostic testing technology for complex electrical systems on both the bench level and flight line to challenge the NFF (No Fault Found) status quo, isolate recurring faults and convert that experience into mission-critical intelligence to improve overall fleet sustainment. Using knowledge from our Investigative Laboratory, you create economic and operational efficiencies while avoiding unnecessary AOG (Aircraft On Ground). Sharing our insights results in more actionable and accurate information – reducing risk to your reputation, mission and premature obsolescence.


Go No-Go Testing

Used and trusted by some of the world’s largest aviation fleets to control the size of their spares pool inventory and keep aircraft ready, our first tier of diagnostics capability attacks and prevents NFF at the source by determining specific go or no-go status for the maintainer on the wing or the technician on the bench. Whether under your roof or ours, ULTRAX diagnostics give you the base level of control you need to manage your electrical systems and LRU spares pool.
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Fault Isolation

When simply knowing the operational status of a system or LRU is not enough, ULTRAX diagnostics is capable of taking the next step beyond go no-go testing by returning to the maintainer specific, actionable and accurate next steps for that system or LRU that fails a go/no-go test. Whether on the wing or on the bench, under our roof or yours, this second tier of capability is used all over the world to eliminate guesswork and wasted time in troubleshooting and fixing the root cause of faults.
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Fleet Intelligence

By benchmarking, monitoring, isolating and evaluating faults, ULTRAX’s Investigative Laboratory is the key to enabling dynamic fleet lifecycle management. Through its diagnostics network, the Lab continuously investigates problem domains to determine the broader causes of supply chain interruptions, AOG and inefficiencies during the sustainment of complete and complex systems. The resulting intelligence is used by fleet managers all over the world to strategically adjust and improve overall fleet risk, readiness, asset utilization and service life.
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Empirically Driven Design, Manufacture & Service

Solving the Mystery Behind Complex Electrical Faults


Maximize mission-readiness by minimizing NFF and AOG


Improve asset turnaround
times and ROA


Run leaner, more
efficient operations


Improve consistency and reliability of outcomes